Build To Your Budget

  • We can provide advice when looking at land as to which block will suit the style of home you want to build and how the costs of building can change depending on the block of land.
  • Don’t pay for rooms and features that you don’t need or love – design what you want to pay for.
  • Choose all of your own fixtures and finishes according to your taste and budget.
  • Think laterally and plan for the future. Build what you can afford now and make design planning and provision for future improvements.

For example

  • Maybe it’s not in the budget to put an air-conditioner in every room now but it is relatively inexpensive to install the plumbing during the build. Then you can add air-conditioners when you are ready.
  • A growing family may need an extra bedroom. Their smartly designed highset home offers the option of building in additional rooms underneath. This concept also works well for a pavilion style home.
  • Plan for a pool. Insightful design will ensure your home is positioned on your land with a future pool in mind.