Terriann And Matt

I would highly recommend Luke Greene from Greene Homes to anybody wanting to build their first home. Growing up in a family of builders it was hard for me to not have my own Dad build my first home. Instead I employed Luke, who I believe is the next best builder there is! And yes, my Dad is really impressed with his work!

Right from the start Luke’s down to earth character and commitment to excellence made him a pleasure to work with. Throughout the planning process Luke kept me up to date regularly and was always friendly and easy to catch on the phone. One of Luke’s best qualities is that he doesn’t beat around the bush, if there was something I needed to know he would call me, inform me and provide the next best alternative, or in some cases an even better alternative.

Luke went above and beyond my expectations. He would go that little bit further than an ordinary builder and do things such as mount the television on the wall, make a second rock wall with the left over rocks and even visit afterwards to help put extra things in. He is also very realistic with time frames and challenged his workers to get the house ready earlier than it should have been.

Luke has helped me to achieve everything I wanted and more. He produced a high quality premium house in which I am very happy with. I have to pinch myself when I look around and admire the beauty and workmanship of my dream home. I cannot thank Jen and Luke enough!! They are the type of people that I will have around for a beer anytime.

Kind regards